Fires of the World

This is the first day of spring, so that means the earth is going to get warm.

I want to be talk about what is hotter then spring weather, which is four of the worlds biggest fires. Of course there have been more record-breaking fires in the world’s history, but I can only fit in four.

Before the elevated emergency system we have today, any human errors that involved hot coils could spark great fires.

This is evidence, according to, when a maid forgot to take out the fire in a baker’s shop in London the year of 1666. At the time, most of London’s buildings were wooden, which helped make the fire so legendary.

It was not London’s first fire, but it was the fire that was the welfare of England. The Great Plague was sweeping over London and the great fire caused a sort of sterilization to the city.

Another great fire of  world’s history is the Chicago fire of 1871. I learned about this incident when I was high school in which I learned what a scapegoat was.

The fire did start in a barn owned by the O’Leary, but there is no evidence it was caused by a cow knocking over a lantern that was left in the barn.

According to, a reporter said it was a cow that knocked over the lantern to make it a colorful story, but it also made the O’Leary’s the scapegoat. In the end though,  17,000 structures were burned to the ground and 90,000 people homeless.

There was a huge earthquake before the great inferno in Tokyo, Japan in the year of 1923. According to, this fire had the greatest lives lost because about 38,000 people were caught in a firestorm-induced fire whirl.

Finally, a fire of great lengths broke out closer to home. In Helena National Forest in Montana, a fire broke out around noon on August, 1949.

According to, the fire at Mann Gulch killed 13 smokejumpers, which also led to the growth of fire research and firefighters renewed the techniques and equipment for the national park.

There is a lot more history on fires, so even if someone questions your Google search, check out more!




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