History of Mozart and Beethoven

During the seventeenth century, music was a growing success in Europe. There was many new discovers during this time because music was so popular.

There were many composers during the seventeenth century, but only a number of the composers really influenced the culture and the style that classical music is known for.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven were two composers that were equally different, but also equally the same.

The Musical Families

Some families in the seventeenth century consist of musical families. Musical families were families that were troupes that would work for patrons and venues and entertain the patrons or venues with music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as a young child, was taught how to play music by his father Leopold Mozart, who was one of Europe’s pedagogues for music.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was brought up being taught how to play music by his father Johann Van Beethoven, who was a musician for the Electoral court in Bonn, Germany.

By the age of eleven, Beethoven was employed by the Christian Gottlob Neefe and started to perform as an organist and a harpsichordist.

Their lives and Achievements

When he lived in Vienna, Mozart worked as a freelance musician and never worked under a patrons.

Mozart wrote three major plays and many public pieces that became popular in Vienna.

Beethoven moved to Vienna to study under composers like Joseph Haydn and even was a pupil for Mozart for some time. He became famous for gaining a reputation as a piano virtuoso and made money by having patrons.

On March 29, 1795, Ludwig Van Beethoven had is first public debut, which is believed to be his first piano concerto.

The last days

Between the years of 1788 and 1789, Mozart had “dark thoughts” and developed depression.

Because of his drinking and his depression, Mozart died on December 5, 1971 with an unknown cause of death.

Beethoven was losing his hearing, he was lonely and short-tempered. Beethoven produced an opera, six symphonies, four solo concerto, and more during the time his hearing started to deplete.

Beethoven was completely deaf when he passed away.

These were both great men and excellent composers. They had some similarities in life, but that is why life, even for children prodigies, can’t be predictable.


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