History Repeats Itself

My name is Sarah Blain. I’m a Junior at Troy University. My major is Multi-media Journalism with a minor in Public Relations.

Even with my obvious chose in schooling, I have always dreamed of one thing, which is  to be a fact finder. You could say I’m in love with the idea of history. The past has a significant meaning to me, so I was kind of excited to start a blog about my never applied hobby.

The definition on Dictionary. com for fact finder is: A person who searches impartially for the facts or actualities of a subject or situation, especially one appointed to conduct an official investigation, as in a labor-management conflict.

 I’m going to try my best at investigation journalism for the first, and be the person from the definition. Each week, I’m going to bring different aspects  that are connect to various times in history, starting with feudalism.
You can start reading here: https://factfinderblog.wordpress.com/

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